Survivor Thailand
Genre Reality TV
Season Run November 3 - November 26
Winner None
Runner-Up None
Second Runner-Up None
Number of Days 39
Number of Episodes 5 aired
Number of Survivors 18
Tribes Sook Jai

Chuay Gan

Location Phuket
Season Chronology
S1  •  S2  • S3  • 

Survivor Thailand is the fourth season of the competitive reality television series from Saxonmath, which premiered in November 3rd, 2012 and ended around November 26 due to inactivity.


The contestants include 18 new players to the game with 2 tribes

Contestant Tribe Switched Tribes Finish Total Vote
01Gohan Chuay Gan

1st Voted Out

Day 3

Boomske123 Sook Jai

Removed Due to Illness

Day 5

Bubba3 Sook Jai

2nd Voted Out

Day 6

Fern111 Sook Jai

3rd Voted Out

Day 9

SamSam14 Chuay Gan Chuay Gan

4th Voted Out

Day 12

Lifer107 Sook Jai Chuay Gan


Day 15

BigBrother101 Sook Jai Sook Jai


Day 18

Brenchal Sook Jai Sook Jai 3
DrPepsi Sook Jai Sook Jai 1
Austino15fffan Chuay Gan Sook Jai
BBlover96 Chuay Gan Sook Jai 1
LouisRibarich Chuay Gan Sook Jai
XoXu Chuay Gan Sook Jai 1
Sexyryanperry Sook Jai Chuay Gan 2
Hayley03 Sook Jai Chuay Gan 1
Alyxandra Chuay Gan Chuay Gan
Mybash_ Chuay Gan Chuay Gan
DamnDrake Chuay Gan Chuay Gan

The Game

Episode Title Air date Immunity Eliminated Vote Finished
What's the Periodic Table? 11/3 Sook Jai 01Gohan 3-1 Day 3
I don't like words ladders. 11/5 Chuay Gan Boomske123 None Day 5



Day 6
Can I have the last flag? 11/7 Chuay Gan Fern111 2-1-1-1 Day 9
You best not get close to your tribe, because you're switching! 11/9 Sook Jai SamSam14 3-1-1-1-1 Day 12
PASS THE TORCH ALREADY! 11/14 None Unknown Unknown Day 15
Lifer107 None


Episode 1: What's the Periodic Table?

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes would solve a word from me using the Periodic Table abbreviations. First to four wins.

18 castaways were dropped off at an island divided by tribes of 2. In the immunity challenge, Sook Jai won, but went to tribal council with Chuay Gan, as this was the twist for the season where the winning tribe (Sook Jai), will have to vote out a member from the opposing side (Chuay Gan). This will last until merge. 01Gohan was voted out by a vote of 3-1, as only 4 members of the Sook Jai tribe voted.

Episode 2: I don't like words

  • Immunity Challenge: I would give them a "word ladder" to complete, where I give out a word, and they change one word at a time. The tribes would figure out what words they are. Each word was a point, first to 15 won immunity.

With 01Gohan out, Chuay Gan had to become more active. Chuay won the challenge by 15-8, with only BBlover96 and bubba3 doing the challenge. Boomske123 quitted the game for no reason, while Hayler03 came into the game to replace Sharon. MIttRomney got replaced by Alyxandra, being inactive for 2 days, twice. In tribal council, a tied vote occured with Brenchal and Bubba3. After tied votes, Bubba3 got sent home with a 5-0 vote.

Episode 3: May I have the last flag?

  • Immunity Challenge: Just like the challenge back in Thailand, there were 21 flags. Whoever captured the last flag won.

With Chuay Gan winning their second challenge in a row, Sook Jai was falling apart, with DrPepsi inactive. Bigbrother101 and BBlover96 competed in the challenge and BBlover96 won, winning for Chuay Gan, making 3 straight wins in a row. During the voting process, Chuay Gan eliminated Fern111 and not Bigbrother101, with a vote of 2-1-1-1.

Episode 4: You best not get close to your tribe, because you're switching!

  • Immunity Challenge: There will be six polls. After 24 hours is done and everyone voted and such, the teams would them pick 3 poll numbers, alternating. The winner would be the team that had the highest average.

Tribe switch happened. Contestant tribes are posted above. With all the "breakdown" of contestants, everything went back to normal. Louis is banned, Drpepsi is inactive for two days. With both in Sook Jai. Sook Jai eliminated Samsam14 by a vote of 3-1-1-1-1.


  • Immunity Challenge: This challenge is one of the classic challenges in the Tengaged Survivor Group games. The first person would say *lights torch and passes to (tribemate). Everyone else would then say *passes torch to (tribemate)*. The last tribe member from the tribe would then say *Lights fire with torch* Both tribes apparently went to tribal council, as they did not complete the challenge within the time limit. Lifer107 quit the game, because of the inactivity of the group (I know, so sad, right?!).

Known Voting History

Original Tribes Switched Tribes
Episode # 1 2 3 4
Eliminated 01Gohan Tie Bubba3 Fern111 SamSam14
Austinofffan15 Bubba3 Bubba3 Sexyryanperry Sexyryanperry
BBlover96 Bubba3 X Lifer107 Lifer107
DamnDrake X
LouisRibarich Lifer107 Bubba3
Alyxandra Fern111 Bubba3 Fern111
MyBash_ Brenchal Bubba3 Brenchal
XoXu X Fern111 XoXu
Bigbrother101 Bigbrother101 Hayley03
Brenchal Brenchal
DrPepsi Drpepsi Samsam14
Sexyryanperry 01Gohan
Hayley03 None
Lifer107 01Gohan
SamSam14 Bubba3 Samsam14
Fern111 BBlover96 OUT
Bubba3 01Gohan OUT
Boomske123 QUIT
01gohan OUT

Color key:

Yellow: Did not vote; self vote in next tribal

Orange: Went to tribal council and recieved a self vote.

Pink: Did not vote in the tie; no self vote since it was a tie.

White: Went to tribal council, did not vote because of twist.

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